Why We Love Them…

Jane AldridgeJane Aldridge


Don’t let this young blogger fool you with her age — She’s a seasoned fashionista. She began her blogging journey in 2007 at the wee-age of 15! Jane’s style is bold and eccentric, but still very much relatable. We loved her when she was making a statement with her fiery red hair and also now with her dark and sultry look. Another plus is that her blog is clean and very streamlined, which is aesthetically pleasing to readers. Also, it’s chock-full of beautiful pictures which will be sure to inspire anyone who’s looking for some styling tips!





Wendy NguyenWendy Nguyen


We finally understood the old saying of “good things come in small packages” because of Wendy Nguyen! She is petite but packs a punch when it comes to fashion. We would describe her style as “street-chic”. Wendy’s looks are vibrant, classy, and it seems like she can rock any color combination. Another thing that we adore Wendy for are her easy tutorials on Youtube. It only took us one video 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf to get the Hoops N Loops crew itching for more! Who would have thought that there were so many ways to wear one!